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Save money, time and avoid risks

Make use of our laboratory facility for your product development and optimization

Your production continues unhindered:

  • No machine setup
  • No risk to your equipment
  • No investment in test needles
  • No days of production downtime due to internal test series
  • Avoidance of resource bottlenecks

Unique service

Benefit from our globally unique service:

  • State-of-the-art needling line
  • Industry-oriented working width
  • Trained specialist personnel
  • Technical test support
  • Detailed test documentation
  • Largest needle portfolio in the world to select freely from

Confidentiality is everything

Protecting our developments is just as important to us as it is to you.

Our confidentiality is the key to protecting your valuable know-how.

  • Tests and their results remain under lock and key
  • Contractual test agreement
  • Secured project rooms

Everything under one roof

Short distances and use of technologies and our expert know-how.

  • Extensive testing options in accredited testing laboratories:
    • Materials laboratory
    • Textile laboratory
    • Chemical laboratory
  • Adjacent competence centers for textile processes:
    • Technical Center Knitting
    • Technical Center Weaving
    • Technical Center Joining
    • Technical Center Functionalization

Contact Person

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Frank Endriss
Engineer Application Consulting & Product Development
2182-01 1347 94+ :.leT

Application examples

Filter media

  • Air filter (e.g. waste incineration, respiratory protection)
  • Liquid filter (e.g. drinking water and wastewater filters, oil and fuel filters)
  • Gas filtration (e.g. gas turbine filter, hot gas filtration)

Due to the required high chemical resistance and mechanical strength, a variety of technical fibers are used in needled filter media, such as:

  • Aramide
  • P 84 (Polyimide)
  • PTFE ("Teflon")


During the manufacture of geo-nonwovens, intensive needle treatment is usually required, even at high line speeds. Other key product features include, for example:

  • Higher compression of the web
  • Reduced material thickness with the same weights

Typical products:

  • Geo-nonwovens for road construction
  • Drain felts
  • Heavyweight sealing mats

Nonwovens for sports applications

Needled nonwovens are used in a wide range of sports applications, e.g. as:

  • Imitation leather substrates for trainers
  • Shoe inserts
  • Tennis balls
  • Floor coverings for sports facilities
  • Clothing (inlays)

Automotive applications

The requirements for nonwovens in the automotive industry are high.

Key requirements include aesthetic design, functionality (insulation, damping, trim and carrier parts), resource conservation and the use of recyclable materials.
Typical products:

  • Roof lining & damping materials for roof lining
  • Rear shelf
  • Trunk lining
  • Wheel-arch liners
  • Engine hood damping

Technical nonwovens

In order to meet the high requirements of the various applications in the field of technical textiles, thousands of different felting needles with different characteristics are available for your tests.

There are special requirements, for example, with regard to:

  • Surface quality
  • Tensile strength
  • Uniformity
  • Lowest damage to fiber and backing material
  • Service life

Acoustic applications

Due to their wide range of properties, different acoustic effects can be achieved with nonwovens. In the field of room acoustics, nonwovens, for example, are being used more and more frequently as absorbing “design objects”.

Absorbers that are as pure as possible are mainly used for insulation. Commonly used fiber materials include:

  • Recycled fibers
  • Natural fibers, e.g. wool
  • Synthetic fibers (including in mixtures)

Important requirements include:

  • Flexibility
  • Flame protection