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Theory of fabric structures knitwear

This training provides a comprehensive insight into the most common fabric structures and into the basics of loop formation. The particular focus is on answering questions such as “How can fabric structures be identified and analyzed?” and “How are fabric structures documented?”. After a short theoretical introduction on the basic principles of loop formation, there is a detailed practical section.

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Comprehensive courses knitting




  • You will gain an insight into the basics of loop formation.
  • You will expand your knowledge of the designation and definition of different fabric structures.
  • You will analyze different knitting constructions.
  • You will set up the pattern structure and develop the cam setting table.
  • You will learn to document fabric structures correctly.

Target Group

Based on our experience, this course is suitable for participants with basic knowledge in the field of loop formation or for specialists from other textile areas who are looking to refresh their existing knowledge.


For this course, we recommend basic knowledge in loop formation. In combination for example with the “Manual flat knitting technology” or “Large diameter circular knitting technology” course, is particularly well suited here.


The training consists of an introductory interactive presentation. The subsequent practical section involves analyzing different knitting constructions independently and documenting them accordingly.

  • Prices and Facts

    3 days (7 hours/day) (face-to-face course)
    08:00 - 16:00 CET


    2 to max. 6 persons



    19 Feb 2024 - 21 Feb 2024 face-to-face course
    15 Apr 2024 - 17 Apr 2024 face-to-face course
    19 Jun 2024 - 21 Jun 2024 face-to-face course
    14 Oct 2024 - 16 Oct 2024 face-to-face course
    Price per Person

    1,350 EUR plus VAT