Magazine March 2011

All the Latest Information from the Textile World

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"Shaping the textile future together" - that's the slogan of our Technology and Development Center (TEZ), and the focus is on partnership. The slogan also reflects friendly encouragement from Groz-Beckert to make full use of its services.

The first 2011 edition of our Online Newsletter provides information about the numerous possibilities opened up to all of us by the TEZ. You'll also find several reports on the individual textile production methods, which are definitely worth knowing about.

Discover the world of Groz-Beckert - there's no better time to do so!

The opening of the Groz-Beckert Technology and Development Center (TEZ) at the company's headquarters in Albstadt was received with great acclaim, and the TEZ has had numerous international visitors ever since July 2010. The event featured various guided tours as well as expert symposia and lectures, for which the TEZ provided an attractive venue. The TEZ continues to be a high-profile topic. In the following you'll find some fascinating answers to questions that are relevant to us all.

How can the TEZ support you?

The services offered by the TEZ are oriented towards the needs of machine builders and users all over the world. The key word here is flexibility. Whether you want to fully realize a project with Groz-Beckert or you prefer to make use of individual offers, the decision is quite up to you. Groz-Beckert offers numerous alternatives within the extensive framework of its full services. You can choose from the following options:

  • Support from specially trained personnel and unique know-how
  • Rent of rooms, production machinery and equipment
  • Co-engineering with Groz-Beckert, sharing development, generating new applications and material properties
  • Production of short runs and special series
  • The use of expert laboratory services, also for sectors outside the textile industry
  • Participation in training courses

How is the efficient co-engineering organised at the TEZ

The TEZ provides the prerequisites for meeting the challenges of the textile value-added chain across a broader context. From now on Groz-Beckert is accompanying you not only with a variety of high-quality products but also with components, systems and services. Tell us about your specific problem and, together, we can work out a tailormade and economically efficient solution.

We will also gladly help you to further develop your ideas in a targeted manner and bring them to series-production readiness. You can rely entirely on our all-round development expertise. Moreover, realizing especially sensitive projects outside your own company can be of benefit to you - also to prevent production lines from being occupied by prototypes or one-offs. The power of decision remains with you, and you reap the benefits of your own work yourself. As a development partner to the textile industry for decades now, we observe the highest standards of discretion and security as a matter of course. To carry out all development processes as stringently and efficiently as possible, we make use of cross-sector innovation management.

How are textile innovations created at the TEZ?

Acoustic panels for tunnels, illuminated textile wallpapers, robot arms made from fibre-composite materials... - the textile applications of tomorrow are already being conceived and developed at the TEZ today. New fields of application are being sought, to open up new business potential for the textile industry. For us at Groz-Beckert, that is not enough on its own, because we also consider everything we do in terms of sustainability. Where are energy savings with textiles possible? In what sectors does substituting materials with textiles make good sense? How can even more durable textiles be created? It is questions like these that reinforce our claim to be a company with economic, ecological and social responsibility. Our trade-fair presences this year will be introducing you to many more stimulating ideas and concepts involving sustainability in the textile industry.

How can you become active here? We recommend that you pluck up the courage to start something new! We can both work together to ensure growth, and to shape the textile future together! Groz-Beckert and the Technology and Development Centre will support you and help you achieve your aims - whatever path you want to take.