Magazine March 2011

All the Latest Information from the Textile World

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"Shaping the textile future together" - that's the slogan of our Technology and Development Centre (TEZ), and the focus is on partnership. The slogan also reflects friendly encouragement from Groz-Beckert to make full use of its services.

The first 2011 edition of our Online Newsletter provides information about the numerous possibilities opened up to all of us by the TEZ. You'll also find several reports on the individual textile production methods, which are definitely worth knowing about.

Discover the world of Groz-Beckert - there's no better time to do so!

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Just an image Dr. Thomas Lindner
Chairman of Executive Board

The right yarn for the world of ultra-fine circular-knit fabrics

Just an image Ultra-fine circular-knit fabrics are as much of a trend as ever. Which yarns are best suited to them?
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PosiLeno® - Ideal for PTFE Conveyor Belts

Just an image As an innovative technology, leno weaving is opening up new opportunities and new application possibilities all the time - and one example is where conveyor belts made from polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) for the textile industry are concerned. The requirements placed on precision and production quality here are very stringent. Which is why PosiLeno® from Groz-Beckert is the right choice.
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Using the full power of water

Just an image Water is essential to life - and it would be impossible to imagine this modern technical world without hydropower. One example is the technology known as hydroentanglement, where incredible power can be derived from the pressure of water alone. Highly sensitive technical products are required by this technology. Learn how precision tools and services from Groz-Beckert can provide you with tailored support.
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Customer Portrait: Sanitars

Just an image Based in Brescia, Italy, Sanitars is one of the most innovative companies in the hydroentanglement sector. The firm also specialises in the high quality raw material cotton, processing it with unique technologies. Find out more!
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Hygiene articles with nonwovens are on the increase

Just an image Health is our most important asset - and hygiene is a fundamental prerequisite. Humanity is becoming steadily more aware of this fact. Nonwovens are profiting from it as well: They are contributing towards hygiene in all kinds of different applications and growing more important all the time. Where and how? Come with us on an interesting journey through the world of hygiene.
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Customer Portrait: Limonta Sport

Just an image For supreme achievements and world records, athletes need high-performance turf beneath their feet. This is precisely where Limonta Sport comes in. Since 1979, the Northern Italian company has manufactured and distributed artificial turf, and is among the world's leading producers of it. Here the SAN-S tufting needle from Groz-Beckert is making its contribution to the company's competitive edge.
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The new Groz-Beckert service and development concept

Just an image The Sewing Lab becomes a Global Player –
On-Site Consulting with a new Service and Development Concept
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For perfect twin decorative seams – the needle SAN 12

Just an image In the production of high-quality products made from leather, great importance is placed on perfect decorative seams. Groz-Beckert has developed an innovative needle for this.
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