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Young – yet already world famous

Sanitars was founded in 1971 and began by producing sanitary cotton wools, cord cotton for ear-cleaners, discs and cotton flock. Over the years various innovative applications were added. For example, Sanitars was the first company in the world to perfect discs using "hydroentanglement" technology, thereby revolutionising the market. Production of cotton cord was also considerably strengthened, and this quickly turned the company into the Italian market leader.

Sanitars operates as a partner for trademark brands on the European market. Increased production volumes have now enabled the firm to offer products under brand names of its own. The current production capacity runs to approximately 80 million 80-disc pads a year. Parallel to this, special formats, cotton flock and sanitary cotton wool can also be realised.

In 2004, IDROCLEAN® technology was developed. It enables production of pure cotton web and is thus ideal for the manufacture of tissues, napkins, cloths and cleansing wipes. It goes without saying that the company has DNV-Institute certification to ISO 9001:2000. Numerous external audits have also been successfully passed.

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The Sanitars Product Range

It was only recently that Sanitars rolled out products under its own brand name. They are distinctive for a uniform level of high quality and also offer a large selection of different types of embossings and stitched edges. Here is an overview of the company's comprehensive product portfolio:

  • Pads


    • (ø 57 mm)
    • 50, 70, 80, 100, 120 pieces


    • 5.5 x 5.5 mm


    • round, oval, square, rectangular, oval for babies
    • 40, 50, 60 pieces

    For all (smooth or "duo"):

    • Smooth front and back with 1.2 mm stripes
    • Smooth front and back with 2.4 mm stripes
    • Smooth front and wavy back
    • Front with 1.2 mm or 2.4 mm stripes and wavy back
    • Lap weight 180 gsm to 230 gsm

    Cotton balls

    • 40, 70, 100 pieces
    • white or coloured (3 colours)

    Cotton wool pleat

    • from 50 - 500 g
    • standard or pre-cut

    Cotton rolls

    • from 100 - 1,000 g

Sanitars was the first company in Italy to produce cotton sliver for buds, and today is still one of the most important producers worldwide. The use of only the very best cotton is a unique selling point. It ensures that the cotton sliver from Sanitars can always be optimally produced at the highest level of performance. The company also supplies all kinds of different grammages to satisfy even the most demanding of customer requirements.

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IDROCLEAN® and its benefits

IDROCLEAN® is one of the most important innovations from Sanitars, combining technology, quality and experience in one. Conventional products made from cellulose or airlaid are far inferior to it, because IDROCLEAN® products have numerous impressive features and benefits. They are:

  • Natural, made from 100 percent cotton, and thus completely biodegradable
  • Non-allergenic and bacteriologically pure
  • Free from binders or chemical substances
  • Environmentally-friendly and produced from agricultural cultivation
  • Exceptionally absorbent and resistant
  • Extremely soft

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Tissues made from cotton and TNT with gauze effect♦

Tissues made from 100 percent pure cotton are the most recent development from Sanitars. Many years of professional expertise have made this special product possible. Its value derives directly from its basic material - the cotton. Cotton tissues are natural and biodegradable. Cotton is also completely non-allergenic and can thus be used with sensitive skin. The raw material is far softer than cellulose, and frequent use of it does not cause the skin redness typically produced by conventional cellulose tissues.

Pure cotton tissues are also ideally suitable as make-up tissues. With the exclusive IDROCLEAN® technology they can be used like cotton pads.

TNT with gauze effect - a further innovative product from Sanitars. It is produced by means of high pressure, with the aid of hydroentanglement technology. The benefits of the product range from the resilience of the cotton to extremely high absorbency and silky smoothness. TNT is thus ideal for applications in the hygiene and health sectors. Sanitars offers the product in weights ranging from 50 to 70 grams.

For its innovative and globally successful product range, Sanitars makes use of precision components by Groz-Beckert. Two and three-row HyTec® jetstrips are used in the most diverse applications. Apart from the reliable product quality it gets from Groz-Beckert, Sanitars also thinks very highly of the company's expert consulting.

Would you like to benefit from this too? Groz-Beckert will be glad to assist you - with support, consulting and exactly the right products.