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The Special Applications Needle SAN® 12

For perfect twin decorative seams

In the production of high-quality products made from leather, especially in the automotive engineering, upholstered furniture and accessories sectors, great importance is placed on perfect decorative seams. The seam appearance can be angled or completely parallel, but it always has to be even. Groz-Beckert has developed an innovation in sewing technology especially for this. As a cutting-point needle, the SAN® 12 - in its LR and S variants - fulfils the stringent requirements placed on product quality.

For a seam appearance that is even and angled – the SAN® 12 LR

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On twin lockstitch machines, the SAN® 12 LR needle tends to be used on the right-hand side. A flat surface on the scarf side guarantees precise radial positioning, whereby the thread is forced in the required direction during the pulling-in stage. On the left-hand side an LR standard needle is used to create the usual seam pattern. In this way the appearance of the two seams is compared, creating a harmonious, high-quality look.

For a straight and even-looking seam – the SAN® 12 S

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In the case of the SAN® 12 S as well, a special flat surface on the scarf side ensures precise positioning of the needle, guaranteeing a perfect seam appearance. On both sides of the twin lockstitch machine, the seam is even and straight.

SAN® 12 needles from Groz-Beckert thus fulfil the highest requirements where twin decorative seams are concerned. They are ideally suited for use in automobiles, in the furniture industry and also for high-quality accessories. The advantages:

• Even, decorative seam appearance

• Processing safety

• Perfect looking