Magazine March 2016

Focus on the textile world: from research to systematic thinking

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According to the Chinese calendar, 2016 is the Year of the Monkey – an animal to which the Chinese traditionally ascribe such qualities as agility, cleverness and sophistication. Groz-Beckert is very much in the same tradition, with its constant pursuit of innovation through smart development and improvement of products, its services to improve productivity and further increase safety in the production process, or its expertise wherever customer challenges are involved. All these are factors in the success of Groz-Beckert.

In this issue Groz-Beckert will again be presenting numerous aspects of different textile technologies that represent innovation and solve problems – and do so with agility, cleverness and sophistication. Discover the world of Groz-Beckert – there's no better time to do so!

Quality and service

Reliability in the quality of tools used is an important factor in production planning. This edition of the Magazine focuses on the benefits offered by knitting tools from Groz-Beckert. With needles, system parts and knitting frames, the advantages range from highly precise manufacturing to ideal tool interplay and optimum handling.

The same applies to weaving preparation, where drawing-in is fast and reliable thanks to sophisticated technology from Groz-Beckert. Transport, drawing-in and tying – with support from the WorkTruck, WarpMaster and KnotPointPlus – are all important factors in keeping setup times short and productivity high.

Best Practice – for product use and handling

For all nonwovens experts, we also provide valuable tips on the correct use of felting needles during finish needling. Typical problems encountered during finishing of a nonwoven can be solved through skilled use of the Groz-Beckert twisted needle.

Universal support is offered by Groz-Beckert's new "INH" (Ideal Needle Handling) quality management, which not only uniformly structures the handling of sewing-machine needles during the production process but also meets the high product safety requirements of customers in the sewing industry. The customizable INH process and the equipment available from Groz-Beckert have closed the gap between existing processes and customer specifications in an environmentally-friendly, efficient, safe and fully-documented manner.

Expertise and research

Materials such as carbon fiber or glass fiber are no longer a novelty in technical textiles – and nor are their highly demanding properties, which become clear during processing. These special challenges – the processing of carbon fabric, for instance – are solved by the Research Institute for Textile Technology Albstadt (FTA), a company of the Groz-Beckert Group. As a result, the manufacturer Schmuhl Faserverbundtechnik (FVT) is now saving valuable time in the lining of molds for the production of special patient couches for magnetic resonance imaging – thanks to a leno fabric made from carbon yarns, newly developed by the FTA and Groz-Beckert.

But even the smallest details make it clear how much Groz-Beckert can do for you. The service operation for German-speaking customers of the company's Carding division has now been transferred from Groz-Beckert Carding Belgium to the Group's headquarters in Albstadt (Germany), to provide on-the-spot customer service that is even faster.

As you can see, innovation, refinement and expertise are the components that make all this – and much more – possible with Groz-Beckert. I wish you an enjoyable read!