Magazine September 2019

We are looking to both the past and the future

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We have returned from the ITMA in Barcelona, Spain, with a wealth of new impressions. Now it’s time to process the feedback from numerous conversations and to start working on new ideas and improvements. For us too: After the ITMA is before the ITMA.

In this issue of this magazine, we have summarized some of our innovations that we presented at the ITMA. We will also be presenting a new innovation for the tufting industry. And you can get to know a unique Groz-Beckert customer and find out news from the textile world – hand-picked for you as Groz-Beckert customers.

Knitting: How to combat dirt accumulation

The new SAN™ SF special application needle, specially developed for processing staple fiber yarns, impresses with it reduced cleaning requirements. The patented needle also reduces lines in the knitwear caused by dirt. As a customer, you therefore benefit directly from the optimized needle shaft geometry: It prevents dirt from entering the needle trick. We have summarized exactly how the new special application needles achieve this in the Knitting article in this magazine.

Weaving: the next-level drawing-in concept

The WarpMaster has been established in the drawing-in process for a long time. Now we are presenting its big brother: Modular design, low space requirements and easy training – the WarpMasterPlus impresses with its simple handling. You will find all the details in the Weaving article in this magazine. For anyone who didn’t have the opportunity to experience the innovative drawing-in concept of the WarpMasterPlus in person at the ITMA, we have included a video in the article.

Felting: “Wiping” news – wet nonwovens

While felting and structuring needles are fixed terms among end users, jet strips are generally not widely known. Yet they are the “hidden champion” and a long-established, indispensable part of the nonwovens industry. The worldwide diaper consumption is increasing and the jet strips are becoming ever more popular. We will therefore be presenting further impressive jet strip products in the Felting article of this magazine.

Tufting: The art of this lawn

Figures confirm: The boom in artificial lawn production is continuing. Both the demands on the quality of the end product and the versatility of the product have increased over the past few decades. Developments that conventional tufting tools are unable to cope with. In the Tufting article in this magazine, we will present the specially developed tufting needle YY with SAN S-point geometry – for your key competitive advantage in artificial lawn production.

Carding: The first daughter from the InLine family

We proudly present: The SiroLock® plus worker and doffer wire is set to expand the card clothing family alongside SiroLock®. It offers an optimized geometry; but impresses in particular with its potential to increase productivity during use. The new addition also offers a more environmentally-friendly production process. See the potential of the SiroLock® plus card clothing for yourself in the Carding article in this magazine.

Sewing: Satisfied customers as the key to success

Anyone who thinks you need a brush and paint to create a work of art should think again. The Sewing article in this magazine provides insights into the everyday work in a fine embroidery workshop. The Slovenian company Ercigoj Art develops its own embroidery machines and new techniques to create unique works of part from millions of individual stitches. In addition to the extensive planning work and the hours of manual labor, the company also has to face challenges like the limited choice of colors in embroidery yarns. We found out more and will present the unique process here.