Magazine November 2019

Preserve the established and drive forward innovations

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Groz-Beckert can look back on a long and proud company history, which enables us to draw from our experience gained over many years. But, at Groz-Beckert, tradition doesn’t mean standing still. It is also the challenge of researching and developing new things that has excited us from the very beginning. In this issue, we will be presenting a cooperation with the Luzern University of Art and Design on the topic of sleep. The magazine also includes exciting reports on our special application needles from the fields of Knitting and Sewing, as well as the optimized dur quality in the field of Felting. There is also news from our Technology and Development Center at the headquarters in Albstadt, Germany: there has been a new addition to the Technical Center Carding, which we would like to present to you. And in the field of Tufting, we will be showing how Groz-Beckert adapts to the high requirements of its customers.

Prepare to be surprised.

TEZ: Research project on “next-to-skin fabrics"

Sleep is essential for survival. So it's all the more important that sleep is also restful. The Luzern University of Art and Design is focusing on the topic of “next to skin fabrics” and how quality of sleep can be supported with optimal clothing in a project. In the TEZ article of this magazine, you can read about how the research group, in cooperation with Groz-Beckert, has succeeded in producing different functional materials for sleep-related areas with machines and technical advice from the Groz-Beckert Technical Center Knitting.

Knitting: Equipped to overcome special challenges

Developing highly specialist knitting tools for even demanding applications is one of the strengths of Groz-Beckert. In the Knitting article of this magazine, you can discover the special properties offered by the SAN™ TT flat knitting machine needle. The special application needle, with a geometry designed specifically for producing technical textiles, enables higher productivity even in challenging applications thanks to its special design.

Felting: More dur – less standard

Groz-Beckert presented the innovative dur needle for the field of Felting for the first time in 2017. Two years later, it is still as successful as ever: individual felting and structuring needles have gradually been switched to the dur material and the standard material is due to be largely phased out in the coming year. Discover the advantages of the dur needles with integrated animation in the Felting article in this magazine.

Tufting: A tufted challenge: Level Cut Loop carpet

The production of Level Cut Loop carpets places extremely high demands on the tufting tools involved, both with regard to wear and the precision required. These already high demands are rising further with the increasing complexity of the end products. In the Tufting article of this magazine, you can discover how the new generation of Groz-Beckert Level Cut Loop Modules (LCLM) are meeting these challenges with optimized geometry and improved material and wear properties.

Carding: Expansion of the Technical Center Carding

The revolving flat card is the heart of the spinning process. This is why the Technical Center Carding in the Technology and Development Center (TEZ) at the headquarters in Albstadt, Germany, was expanded with plants for the spinning sector in July. The Carding article of this magazine contains all you need to know about this important expansion to the field of expertise and the associated additional services which you can benefit from as a Groz-Beckert customer.

Sewing: Special application needles SAN® 10 & SAN® 10 XS

Special care is required when sewing fine fabrics, as extremely sensitive materials can be damaged when the needle is inserted. Groz-Beckert has developed the SAN® 10 needle in order to meet these challenges and to ensure that even extremely fine fabrics can be sewn flawlessly. In the Sewing article of this magazine, we will present the optimized SAN® 10 XS needle, which is even gentler on the materials, making it particularly suitable for sewing the ultra-fine fabrics currently on-trend.