Magazine April 2020

Resilience down to the smallest detail

Just an image

The majority of tools that are used in textile production and joining are extremely small and must be able to carry out delicate work with extreme precision. The latch shank of the current finest circular knitting needle for machines with gauge E80 and E90 shows just how delicate and precise: It is as thin as a human hair.

The tools must also withstand high loads and carry out demanding and high-stress work despite their fineness. The challenge when producing the tools lies in the combination of these seemingly contradictory properties in order to fulfill the complex requirements in the sector.

In this newsletter, we will not only present different Groz-Beckert products developed specifically for these special and challenging applications, but will also provide an insight into the high quality commitments of the Groz-Beckert subsidiary Steven Reeds. The quality commitment runs through all areas of Groz-Beckert and is also reflected in the selection of business partners, as shown in the VAUDE customer portrait.

Knitting: dur™ – the durable

In the Knitting article of this magazine, you can find out all you need to know about the dur™ needle. The further development of the Groz-Beckert sock needle is the answer to higher loads in current sock production processes. Equipped with different features, needles with dur™ technology are characterized by particularly high resilience and durability even under more difficult conditions.

Weaving: Steven – Tradition meets precision

Steven Reeds has been part of the Groz-Beckert Group for over two years. In an interview with CEO, Michael Schmidt, you will learn how this weaving reed manufacturer has developed since then. The Weaving article of this magazine focuses, among other things, on the importance of healds for the weaving process, as well as quality, know-how and other decisive success factors.

Tufting: Captivating, high-quality velours

Appearance and function in the car is the focus of the Tufting article in this magazine. Because tufted car carpets made from velour fulfill a wide range of requirements. The Gauge Part System from Groz-Beckert specially designed for the requirements of the automotive sector helps to achieve a perfect surface of velour fabrics produced in the cut-pile process.

Carding: The right tools for coarse fabrics

Extremely demanding applications in nonwovens and fiber production require special tools. The solution: interlocking 4- and 5-thread card clothings with particularly durable teeth. In the Carding article of this magazine, you can read about the special properties of the interlocked 4- and 5-thread card clothings and find out what makes them the perfect tool in the areas of the textile industry where resilience is required.

Sewing: VAUDE – At Home in Nature

The German company VAUDE is deeply passionate about outdoor sports and the respectful treatment of people and nature. The Sewing article of this magazine presents the development of the company, its commitment in the field of sustainability and the cooperation with Groz-Beckert.