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EcoStar – Now market-ready

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Two years after the first appearance of the EcoStar – at the Techtextil 2011 – Groz-Beckert is now proud to present the market-ready version of the innovative felting needle. The EcoStar has fulfilled all expectations. Now, at the Techtextil, it is moving from the test phase to the market phase. Two years ago there was still speculation as to longer service life, a better product surface and energy savings – today, after lengthy customer tests and experiments, all these expectations have been either met or even surpassed.

Twisted needle – Test needle for high standards

The innovations in nonwovens production being presented by Groz-Beckert are not limited to the EcoStar, however. Highlights such as the twisted needle, the NeedleMaster and the new Hytec® D jetstrip all await visitors to the show!

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Why the name "twisted needle"? The answer is simple: the concept refers to an additional workstep that can be applied to almost all felting needles. This needle is now going to be introduced to the public at the Techtextil as a test needle, just like the EcoStar was two years ago. Initial field experiments and tests in universities – as well as in the company's own laboratories at the Technology and Development Center (TEZ) – show a highly promising improvement in tear resistance and needling efficiency. The twisted needle is also intended to optimize fiber reorientation, for a better tear-resistance ratio in MD and CD.

Board Master System – Faster needleboard logistics

Just an imageNeedleMaster

In general, needling and needleboard handling play an important role in the production of needled nonwovens. The Groz-Beckert Portfolio already contains a comprehensive solution for more efficient needleboard logistics in the shape of the Board Master System. With its two components NeedleMaster and BoardScoot, as well as in terms of its size alone, the Board Master System will be an outstanding highlight at the Groz-Beckert trade show stand.

While the NeedleMaster enables rapid, efficient and gentle re-needling, the mechanical needleboard wagon BoardScoot ensures safe needleboard transportation. Intensive practical tests have shown that an average needleboard can be needled three times faster with the NeedleMaster than it can manually. This was also confirmed by the first models that were sold. Further advantages include gentle handling, leading to longer needleboard service life. An investment amortization calculation clearly shows when the purchase of a NeedleMaster is worthwhile, as well as the timeframe of the amortization.

Needling contest

Here, with a little luck, the efficiency of the NeedleMaster could pay you dividends at the Techtextil itself! Take part in our exclusive "Needling Contest", and win attractive prizes! The contest will take place on Tuesday June 11 and Wednesday June 12, 2013 from 10 am to 11.30 am and from 2 pm to 3.30 pm respectively. Normal presentations of the NeedleMaster will take place at all other times.

Just an imageThe new jetstrip HyTec® D

Hydroentanglement with HyTec® D

In hydroentanglement, too, Groz-Beckert has successfully expanded its market share through steady further development. The new HyTec® D jetstrips further exemplify Groz-Beckert's mission to fulfill customer requirements regarding innovative strength and processing reliability in this segment as well. The newly-developed HyTec® D jetstrip is optimally adapted to its application in the spunlace process, in terms of both hardness and density. Get to know the new solution in greater detail at the Techtextil!

In addition to these innovations, Groz-Beckert will also be providing information at the Techtextil on well-known and proven working part shapes, coatings, and the most important product segments.

Working part shapes – a broad range for all applications

To fulfill the high requirements placed on the most diverse applications – in terms of surface texture, tear resistance, evenness, minimal damage to fiber and carrier material as well as service life – felting needles are used with different working part shapes.

  • EcoStar

    The EcoStar felting needle has an entirely newly developed working part geometry, which can be used in almost all applications. Further benefits include:

    • Longer operating times
    • Improved product surface
    • Fiber transport at same efficiency level with lower penetration force
    • Reduced energy consumption

  • Twisted

    Twisted needles have a defined, twisted working part geometry for high tear resistance and higher needling efficiency. In a series of tests, Groz-Beckert is currently proving how efficient this new development actually is.

  • Tri STAR®

    Tri STAR® needles are distinctive for their concave working part surfaces, with more acutely angled edges. This provides better fiber transportation due to enhanced grip on fibers in the barb – resulting in more intensive needling.

  • Cross STAR®

    Cross STAR® needles are especially suited to the needling of high product weights. They enable uniform material properties and the highest degree of longitudinal and lateral tensile strength.


    GEBECON® needles from Groz-Beckert offer the ideal combination of high surface quality of the end products and optimal bending strength.

  • Vario barb needles

    Vario barb needles are distinctive for their reduced penetration force, high stability and also good needling effects thanks to the larger barbs farther down. Minimal deflection and less needle breakage in comparison to standard needles are guaranteed.

  • Conical working part geometry

    The benefits of felting needles with a conical working part in relation to a standard one lie primarily in higher stability.

Coatings – Part of the Groz-Beckert recipe for success

High-quality coatings ensure that felting and structuring needles from Groz-Beckert are more effective than others. Increasing market demand for higher needle resistance – due to the steady rise in use of abrasive fibers, natural fibers, special fibers and finer fiber cross-sections – is leading to the development of different types of coatings.

Depending on the area of application, the most important of these coatings are:


    The specialty of Groz-Beckert GEBEDUR® needles is their high degree of wear resistance.

  • Chrome

    One of the most efficient solutions is chrome-plating. As a further optimization of needle properties, Groz-Beckert also provides needles with partially coated working parts, i.e. needles that are partially chrome-plated.

  • Nickel

    Nickel-plated needles are especially resistant to corrosion.

Needle variants – a vast range of applications

  • Filter felts

    With its large number of suitable needle types, all with different barb sizes, barb shapes, working part gauges and working part cross-sections, Groz-Beckert provides the ideal felting needle for all needled filter media.

  • Paper-machine felts

    Application-related problem areas such as the production of paper-machine felts and filter felts require a high degree of gentleness on the needled product. Here, a tear-shaped working part is the ideal answer.

  • Structuring with fork or crown

    Fork needles feature a singly or multiply reduced shank thickness with a cylindrical working part. The important functional element here is the fork aperture on the working part. Crown needles are designed in the same way as felting needles, the only difference being the arrangement of barbs. Precisely one barb is located on each edge of the working part. The short distance between the point and the barb is identical with all three barbs. As a result, loop formation is even and uniform, resulting in a homogeneous surface.

Groz-Beckert at the Techtextil 2013 – not to be missed

As we mentioned earlier, Groz-Beckert will be presenting a huge range of products for nonwovens production at the Techtextil - so make sure you visit the Groz-Beckert stand! You can find Groz-Beckert at the Techtextil 2013 in Hall 3.0 at Stand F03. It's also worth making a detour to the Texprocess trade show, which is being held parallel.