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Functional and visually perfect seams

With Groz-Beckert sewing machine needles

Particularly in the automotive sector, the greatest importance is placed on perfect-looking seams and optimal functionality of side seams and decorative seams. Whether it's a high-end sports car or family sedan, seam workmanship has to be right, whatever the type of material used for the car interior. Requirements placed on seam quality are also high where safety is concerned. Sewing-machine needles from Groz-Beckert create seams on which you can rely at all times!

Different cutting points for different seam styles

Seams play a decisive role at many locations inside a vehicle – not just visually but functionally too.

Just an imageLR point

Even though they're not immediately noticeable, seams can be found all over a car interior: on the seat, the gear shift, the interior paneling and even the airbag. While the seam on an airbag is a pure side seam which has to be perfect in safety terms, most of the others are decorative, and a perfect appearance plays the main role. To achieve the right look for a seam, Groz-Beckert provides diverse shapes of cutting point, all of which create optically flawless seams in leather.

Whether the seam is slanted to the right (LR, SAN® 12 LR) or straight (LL, S, DH, SD, SAN® 12 S), the cutting points from Groz-Beckert fulfill the highest standards with these decorative elements. Groz-Beckert also provides a solution for multidirectional applications: the SD point, which has a triangular shape in the outermost section of the point.

Just an imageMaterial combination leather with textile

A further challenge in the production of automotive interiors is the large number of different materials used. In addition to leather and artificial leather there are also knitted materials and material combinations which, because of their consistency, cannot be sewn with a cutting point. Here, too, Groz-Beckert offers three alternatives in the point shapes of R, RG and FFG, guaranteeing a perfect finish.

Even seams with the special application needle SAN® 12

Just an image2-needle decorative seam

To avoid an uneven seam appearance with 2-needle decorative seams, Groz-Beckert offers two variants of the special application needle SAN® 12 which achieve precise alignment of the cutting geometry by means of a special blade surface. A straight and even seam is created whenever the SAN® 12 S needle is used. For a harmonious slanted seam, the SAN® 12 LR needle is utilized – in this special case, only on the right side.

Higher productivity with the SAN® 5 GEBEDUR®

During the sewing of very hard materials and material combinations, various application problems also need to be mastered:

  • Needle deflection
  • Skipped stitches
  • Stitch hole sticking
  • Uneven seam appearance

With the special application needle SAN® 5 GEBEDUR® Groz-Beckert has developed a needle that avoids precisely these problems. The specially adapted needle geometry leads to improved loop formation, resulting in a lack of skipped stitches as well as ideally gentle treatment of the material. Since the looper can be placed extremely close to the needle, the looper point is also optimally protected. Furthermore, the special titanium nitride coating (GEBEDUR®) offers high protection against needle wear and needle damage. All in all, use of the SAN® 5 GEBEDUR® needle guarantees high productivity, thanks to fewer downtimes and lower production costs.

Groz-Beckert – your reliable partner

With these innovations and its many years of experience in the automotive sector, Groz-Beckert fulfills the high requirements placed on car interiors. With constant new and further developments, Groz-Beckert picks up on trends, and accompanies machine builders and textile manufacturers worldwide in their realization. The company fulfills the demands of the sewing industry not only with a high degree of innovation and product quality, but is also a reliable partner for the entire segment with the success factor SEWING5 (Supply, Solutions, Service, Superiority, Sustainability).

If you have any further questions on the right sewing-machine needle for automotive applications, the Groz-Beckert experts will be happy to answer them!