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ITMA ASIA + CITME 2014 June 16-20, 2014

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Sewing Challenges – Groz-Beckert has the answers

From simple quilting and chainstitch needles to precise blindstitch needles, Groz-Beckert covers all the requirements of the textile industry with over 5,000 product types – also in the sewing-machine and shoe-machine component sector. Precision parts from Groz-Beckert connect all types of fabric worldwide – error-free, and with the highest reliability.

Since traditional sectors such as the production of apparel and footwear are increasingly being enhanced by new applications, Groz-Beckert supports its customers with pioneering ideas and solutions – and all of these will be impressively presented at the ITMA ASIA + CITME 2014

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SEWING5 – all-round support from Groz-Beckert

Today's dynamic markets demand more than just good product quality. A key challenge here is presented by the globalization of the apparel and footwear industry, and the increasingly intense competition as a result. Amid increasing calls for new and more elaborate designs, productivity and efficiency both have to be sustainable. The answer to all this is provided by the new Groz-Beckert service concept SEWING5. The term refers to the five S's (Supply, Solutions, Service, Superiority and Sustainability) that together summarize Groz-Beckert's consistent customer orientation and service expertise:

• Supply: The art of always being able to deliver - worldwide

• Solutions: Groz-Beckert finds sewing-technology solutions even for seemingly insuperable problems

• Service: The art of being there before you are needed

• Superiority: Always one step ahead - with outstanding products and the highest quality standards

• Sustainability: It means assuming responsibility

The label scanner – protection from product piracy

As with many other high-quality brands and quality products, pirated versions of sewing machine needles from Groz-Beckert tend to turn up on occasion as well. It is often difficult for customers to distinguish them from the original products at first glance. To protect its customers from inferior copies like these, Groz-Beckert has developed a practical tool enabling the authenticity of any Groz-Beckert sewing machine needle to be virtually tested with just one click. The tool is called the "Label Scanner" and has been integrated into the "myGrozBeckert" app, where it can be found under "Sewing" in the "Toolbox" category. The app is available as a free download for both Apple and Android devices.

Loop Control® – the new sewing-needle generation

With Loop Control® geometry, Groz-Beckert offers the sewing industry a future-oriented development for solving common sewing problems. Skipped stitches are minimized because of the perfect looping, and sewing thread receives maximum protection thanks to the special geometry of the longitudinal groove. Furthermore, the innovative production method – making use of state-of-the-art forming technology – results in even higher needle stability. Whether in the lockstitch or chainstitch sector, LoopControl® lends more stability to every sewing process.

Satisfying the highest demands

Perfect seams in automotive interiors

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The automotive sector places particular importance on perfect-looking decorative seams – and demands made on seam quality are also a high priority where safety is concerned. Constant innovations in this segment, in combination with Groz-Beckert's long experience of the automotive sector, guarantee perfection with regard to seam quality as well as total customer satisfaction.

With its diverse range of needle points, Groz-Beckert offers exactly the right needle for every material and every possible material combination, as well as for any desired seam pattern. Solutions that have been specifically developed for the automotive industry provide even more safety plus an even more attractive look:

With the special application needle SAN® 5 GEBEDUR® Groz-Beckert offers the optimal solution for seam connections on extremely hard materials. The special geometry of these sewing needles reduces the frequency of such familiar application problems as needle deflection, stitch-hole sticking and irregular seam appearance, thus leading to higher seam quality and higher productivity.

With the newly developed Groz-Beckert cutting point needles in the SAN® 12 range, seam appearance can be improved and adjusted for 2-needle decorative seams, as well as seams with straight and also slanted stitching. This has been achieved on the SAN® 12 LR as well as the SAN® 12-S needle by means of a precise alignment of the cut geometry, using a special blade surface.

Special application needles SAN® 10 and SAN® 10 XS

For the finest knitted and woven fabrics

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Apparel made from fine and ultra-fine materials is currently in high demand. The priorities here include not only an elegance, esthetic appearance but also skin compatibility and wearer comfort. And this is where the special application needles SAN® 10 and SAN® 10 XS come into their own – they are ultra-gentle, even on materials with the very finest gauges.

The benefits of the SAN® 10:

• Higher seam quality with simultaneous protection of the material

• Avoidance of skipped stitches

• Reduction of needle breakage

• Processing of sewing-critical materials

• Increased productivity

The newly developed SAN® 10 XS has additional advantages:

• Highest possible material protection

• Smallest possible needle holes

• Processing of highly sewing-critical materials

If you want to find out more about sewing-machine and shoe-machine components from Groz-Beckert, visit the company at the ITMA ASIA + CITME 2014 – or go to the website at The Groz-Beckert experts around the world will also be happy to assist you further.