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For nonwovens, Groz-Beckert supplies card clothing for different applications and also services such as product consulting and recommendations.

Conventional metallic wires

Conventional metallic wires

For the Nonwovens industry, Groz-Beckert Carding offers various wire types for all rollers in a roller card, from feed roller to take-off roller. The aim is to provide sophisticated solutions for each customer application.

We offer conventional standard wires as well as wires with special geometries, such as SiroLock™ and EvoStep™.

The geometric characteristics of metallic card clothing and the surface condition of the wire tooth have a decisive influence on its performance. The surface structure is chosen depending on whether the adhering effect between card clothing and fiber should be stronger or weaker.

Our conventional metallic wires are available in three different surface finishings:

  • Without surface treatment
  • F3 Pearlech (sandblasted)
  • F4 Plattinium (polished)

Groz-Beckert InLine wires

Groz-Beckert InLine wires

Groz-Beckert has developed a series of metallic card clothing that offers improved process reliability and thus a higher uptime of the card. At the same time, the new patented manufacturing process is in line with the company's principles of producing in an environmentally-friendly and resource-saving manner.

The special features of Groz-Beckert InLine card clothings at a glance:

  • Controlled and very precise hardening of the wire teeth
  • Completely scale-free card clothing without burrs
  • Reduction of the rib height of the wires to 1.3 mm

SiroLock™ plus as part of the Groz-Beckert InLine card clothing series

Based on the new production process of the Groz-Beckert InLine card clothing series, the SiroLock™ plus was developed as a successor of the SiroLock™ wire. The SiroLock™ plus tooth geometry, which has been improved to the very last detail, optimizes fiber take-up and fiber release.

In addition, the Groz-Beckert InLine product portfolio has been complemented by the EvoStep™ wires.

Our Groz-Beckert InLine metallic wires are available in two different surface finishings:

  • F6 (sandblasted and scale-free)
  • F8 (special polish and scale-free)

Blowroom wires

Blowroom wires

In the nonwovens industry, fiber raw material is delivered in bales. During fiber preparation the raw material must be opened and mixed, which brings high stress on the fibers.

This often results in short fibers that subsequently diminish the quality of the nonwovens, and calls for a compromise between opening performance and fiber damage in order to achieve good results. It is thus linked to some fundamental considerations:

  • The wires used must be adapted to the process sequence. The opening positions in fiber preparation are adapted to the continuous opening process and equipped with gradually finer wires, whereby the front angle is also adapted to the level of opening.
  • Worn card clothing is less efficient in opening the raw material. For consistent quality it is therefore important to replace worn card clothing in a timely way. This is the only way to ensure consistent quality.

Flexible card clothing / Fillets

Flexible card clothing/ Fillets

Fancy rollers are responsible to lift fibers to the cylinder surface.

Border wires

Border wires

Border wires are necessary to securely fasten the beginning and the end of card wires onto a roller and are embedded in the grooves at the edge of the rollers.

Border wires are removed and replaced when ever grinding of a roller is necessary.



Groz-Beckert also offers special accessories for cleaning, assessment and adjustment work.

The products range from setting and flat gauges, deburring and grinding stones to hand cards and brass brushes.

Groz-Beckert InLine SiroLock™ plus

In addition to the advantages of the Groz-Beckert InLine card clothings, the SiroLock™ plus impresses with a more effective fiber take-up, control and transfer.

Groz-Beckert InLine EvoStep™

Due to the unique slanted step undercut on the tooth front, EvoStep™ fiber take-up and retention are up to 30 % higher than with conventional wires.

Groz-Beckert InLine interlocking wire V39

The V39 wire is the finest interlocking wire in the world. Compared with existing plain rib wires of similar size, it significantly reduces the risk of a crash.