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Company brochure

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Academy training program 2018

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Products and services for the tufting industry

Products and services for the tufting industry

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Products and services for the sock knitting sector

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Focus: felting needle

The nonwoven gets a flat and homogenous surface on both sides.

Animation | 01:12

Product range weaving preparation and weaving

Groz-Beckert is the most comprehensive systems provider across the entire weaving value chain

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HyTec® P

HyTec® P- Jet Strip - optimizing elasticity

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Vietnam Part 2


Intelligent packaging systems

Optimal corrosion protection for Groz-Beckert products

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India Part 1


Mail eyes

Groz-Beckert develops and produces mail eyes in diverse assortment of sizes and designs, ensuring that the perfect solution is available regardless of the requirement.

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System parts for circular knitting machines

The Groz-Beckert range of products includes sinkers, selecting, intermediate, and transfer jacks and other system parts for the production of textiles knitted on circular knitting machines.

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Loop formation and stich transfer: flat knitting

Compound needle

Animation | 00:17

Quality Management INH – the needle dispensing trolley

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Energy saving with litespeed®

Reduced power consumption and machine temperature – designed for use in circular knitting machines

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Cleaning System


Shoe machine needles and awls – Comparisons and allocations

Comparisons and allocations

PDF | 0.13 MB

Loop transfer: double jersey

Double-jersey, needle with transfer clip

Animation | 00:17

The Customer Portal Sewing

Discover a digital world full of possibilities

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Point styles for leather processing

The right needle point for the desired seam appearance

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Maximum resilience thanks to the conical hook

For trouble-free knitting of yarn qualities with slubs and knots or fancy yarns, a special hook geometry is required.

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Machines for the cleaning processes

PDF | 1.08 MB

Loop formation: double needle bed raschel

Needle and guide needle

Animation | 00:33


Products and Services for the Customized Precision Components Industry

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High performance heald frames with J- and C-shaped heald carrying rods

High performance heald frames of Groz-Beckert are suitable for all conventional rapier and air jet weaving machines.

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Optimal protection, improved removal, safe needle handling: with the PremioBox Groz-Beckert offers an innovative packaging solution that corresponds one hundred percent to the quality of the knitting-machine needles. Premium quality inside and outside!

Video | 03:00

Filter media

Selecting the right needle

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G00 Technology

Stress comparison between G0 and G00

Video | 01:30

Doffer wire for synthetic fibres

For high production output and better yarn quality

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Bangladesh Part 5


Cut Pile

Animation | 00:49



Preserving diversity

Sustainability at Groz-Beckert

Video | 04:40

Drop wire cleaner

Drop wire cleaner is a compact unit for cleaning all types of drop wires. Drop wires are cleaned in a vibration chamber in combination with a special granulate

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WarpMaster general description

General description of the WarpMaster

Video | 05:17

Vietnam Part 5


Bangladesh Part 1


Cut Loop

Animation | 01:12

Focus: fork needle

The structuring process gives the back side of the nonwoven a voluminous loop structure with a grainy surface.

Animation | 01:12

System parts for warp knitting machines

The Groz-Beckert system concept in warp knitting – for flawless fabrics and highest productivity

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Tempered flat steel healds with J-, C- and O-shaped end loops

High wear resistance due to lightweight and stable material also for extreme requirements.

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Recommendations for perfect seams in automotive interiors

PDF | 0.28 MB

Special application needles SAN® 10 and SAN® 10 XS

Sewing machine needles which are gentle on the material, for ultrafine knit and woven fabrics

PDF | 0.26 MB

GEBECON® felting needle

More even bending strength coupled with high flexibility

PDF | 0.18 MB

India Part 5


Loop Pile

Animation | 00:54

Sewing machine needles for leather and technical textiles

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The company history of Groz-Beckert

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The positively- controlled leno system PosiLeno from Groz-Beckert enables approximately 100% higher fabric production in relation to conventional leno weaving systems

Video | 05:19



Flat knitting

Products and services for the flat knitting sector

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TexCar - Trailer


Video | 04:18

Reduced maintenance effort (Steel composite needle)

The versatile steel composite needle for the ideal combination of high performance and low maintenance.

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Vietnam Part 6


Aluminium heald frames with J- and C-shaped heald carrying rods

The numerous designs of Groz-Beckert heald frames represent efficient fabric production on state-of-the-art, high-performance weaving machines.

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Jacquard heald

The Jacquard Heald from Groz-Beckert is manufactured from mono-wire with a perfect surface for delicate warp yarns. This provides for highest possible warp densities and results in top-grade fabric quality and efficiency during the weaving production.

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Drop wires

When it comes to warp monitoring, drop wires from Groz-Beckert help maximize performance by controlling each warp yarn individually and carefully.

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Staple fiber needle punch line

From fiber to needle punched nonwoven

Video | 10:29

Quality starts with the packaging

Groz-Beckert packaging for sewing machine needles

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The 5-star service concept for the sewing industry

PDF | 1.66 MB

Special Application Needle SAN® 5.2

The 2nd-generation sewing machine needle for technical textiles

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Card clothing for the nonwovens industry

PDF | 1.94 MB


PosiLeno® is the innovative, flexible and heald-based weaving system.

PDF | 0.21 MB

Loop formation: warp knitting

Compound needle

Animation | 00:17


doffer wires and worker wires

PDF | 0.24 MB

Shoe machine needles and awls – Product range

Information on the product range

PDF | 0.15 MB

Cleaning System

The universal cleaning machine from Groz-Beckert is the “total package” where healds, drop wires and reeds are involved

PDF | 0.17 MB

Loop formation: single jersey

close-up needle and sinker

Animation | 00:19


Products and services for the carding process

PDF | 2.31 MB


As a system provider, Groz-Beckert offers a wide range of weaving accessories for every weaving machine and for weaving preparation. This was possible through the integration and merging of additional high-performance companies into the Groz-Beckert Group.

PDF | 1.37 MB

Loop formation: links and links technology

Needle and slider movement

Animation | 00:30

Staple fiber needle punch line

From fiber to needle punched nonwoven

PDF | 2.11 MB

Prevention of lines (G00 technology)

G00 technology prevents lines in the fabric otherwise caused by bent open hooks

PDF | 0.20 MB

Loop formation: cotton machine

Springbeard needle

Animation | 00:25

Punches & molded parts

Groz-Beckert specializes in manufacturing highly accurate precision parts made from tungsten carbide, ceramics and steel – and has for over 20 years.

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Felting needle handling

The correct use of felting needles directly influences the product quality of nonwovens as well as the product life of the needle and needle board, thus contributing to a reduction in operational costs.

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Video Sewing5

Video | 03:30


The Cut Pile Looper for the processing of soft fiber yarns

PDF | 0.37 MB

Flat knitting needles for technical and industrial textiles

Special needle characteristics make new and innovative fabrics possible

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System parts for flat knitting machines

Coupling and selection parts, intermediate jacks, transfer and holding-down parts, knock-over bits and take-down comb parts – for even the most challenging knitted fabrics.

PDF | 0.50 MB


Video | 07:20

Bangladesh Part 4


Products and services for the sewing industry

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India Part 8


Vietnam Part 7


The Groz-Beckert central laboratory

Overview and service specifications

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Energy saving with litespeed® plus

Reduced power consumption and machine temperature – designed for use in circular knitting machines

PDF | 0.13 MB


Nonwovens for the automotive industry

PDF | 2.66 MB

The quality management INH (Ideal Needle Handling)

The unique process for the handling of sewing machine needles

PDF | 1.63 MB

Machine needles and awls for shoemaking

PDF | 3.47 MB

Card clothing for short staple applications

PDF | 2.42 MB

Large diameter circular knitting

Products and services for the large diameter circular knitting sector

PDF | 2.02 MB

Focus: crown needle

The structuring process gives the back side of the nonwoven a voluminous loop structure with a velvet-like surface.

Animation | 01:12


The ReedCleaner from Groz-Beckert delivers a hydrodynamic cleaning alternative to the weaving industry

PDF | 0.23 MB

Bangladesh Part 6



doffer and worker wires for nowoven cards

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Under the brand name KnotMaster, Groz-Beckert offers high-performance warp tying machines with convincing technology and simple operation for the most diverse range of applications.

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Products and services for the knitting industry

PDF | 1.80 MB

Projectile heald frames

A perfect balance between weight and stability.

PDF | 0.19 MB

Vietnam Part 4


Sewing and joining technology service

Fast solutions to application problems – customer-oriented and around the world

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India Part 2


The label scanner

For checking the authenticity of Groz-Beckert sewing machine needles

PDF | 0.29 MB

Loop formation: warp knitting

Springbeard needle

Animation | 00:20

Vietnam Part 1



WarpMaster is easy to operate and reset because it draws the yarn from a single cone through the drop wire, heald and reed.

PDF | 0.17 MB

Loop formation: single jersey

close-up, compound needle

Animation | 00:17

Needles for schiffli-embroidery

A perfect precision tool for use in large embroidery machines

PDF | 0.63 MB

Processing of leather

Perfect end result with tips and recommendations from Groz-Beckert

PDF | 0.18 MB

TEZ machinery

Actual list of machinery in the TEZ

PDF | 0.17 MB

Company data

Facts and figures of the group

PDF | 1.16 MB

The special application needle MR

For high reliability when creating multidirectional seams

PDF | 0.19 MB

Cut Pile Looper with LoopControl

Animation | 00:48

Sewing machine needles for the apparel industry

PDF | 1.05 MB

Bangladesh Part 3


From fibre to nonwoven

Needling is an important part of many steps in the production of nonwovens.

Animation | 02:30

India Part 3


Packaging Solution


Loop formation: crochet machine

Patent needle

Animation | 00:20

Felting and structuring needles

For the Nonwovens industry

PDF | 2.02 MB

Vietnam Part 3


Twisted felting needle

The felting needle for high tensile strength

PDF | 0.36 MB

Groz-Beckert® dur

For longer needle lifetime and improved corrosion resistance

PDF | 0.13 MB

Loop formation and stich transfer: flat knitting

Spring-loaded latch needle.

Animation | 00:13

The special application needle SAN® 12

For the perfect appearance of 2-needle seams

PDF | 0.47 MB

Bushings & molded parts

Groz-Beckert specializes in manufacturing highly accurate precision parts made from tungsten carbide, ceramics and steel – and has for over 20 years.

PDF | 0.12 MB

EcoStar® felting needle

Durable, energy-saving, sustainable

PDF | 0.27 MB

Cloth points from Groz-Beckert

The right needle point for every material

PDF | 0.50 MB

Loop formation: relative technology

Needle and sinker movement (Relanit)

Animation | 00:21

TexCar - Making of

Making of

Video | 05:08

Special healds for high demands

GrozBeckert offers customized solutions for technical textiles and special applications.

PDF | 0.12 MB

Machine needles for single and multihead embroidery

PDF | 2.05 MB


Products and services for the Nonwovens industry

PDF | 2.11 MB


Therefore, Groz-Beckert developed the DRC 1E for improved performance and durability.

PDF | 0.18 MB

India Part 6


Bangladesh Part 2


Bangladesh Part 7


Ideal execution and latch bearing

Minimal initial latch play guarantees long service life, maximum machine speeds and process security in production.

PDF | 0.21 MB

Vietnam Part 8


Hosiery and Seamless Bodysize

Products and services for the fields of hosiery and seamless bodysize

PDF | 1.49 MB

India Part 4


Loop formation: circular warp loom

Springbeard needle

Animation | 00:19

Loop formation: single jersey

Needle and cam track without sinker

Animation | 00:19

Level Cut Loop

Animation | 01:12


The PinMaster from Groz-Beckert is a high-performance drop wire pinning machine for a wide range

PDF | 0.25 MB

Compound needles for warp knitting machines

The product range encompasses compound needles for technical textiles, home textiles and for the shoe and apparel industry. Gauges vary from E1 to E50.

PDF | 0.17 MB

Cylinders for circular knitting machines

The product range encompasses knitting cylinders, sinker rings and dials from 7" to 60" for large diameter circular knitting and seamless bodysize technologies. The gauges vary from E 3 to E 90.

PDF | 0.23 MB

India Part 7



Groz-Beckert offers service packages tailored to the requirements of the individual customer as the ideal support for the cleaning, drawing-in, warp-tying, and weaving areas. Learn more about the options Groz-Beckert offers.

PDF | 0.28 MB

Loop formation: double jersey

close-up with yarn guide

Animation | 00:23

Warp knitting

Products and services for the warp knitting sector

PDF | 1.02 MB

Loop formation: stitch bond

Compound needle

Animation | 00:16

Warp stop motions

Reliable warp monitoring for highest fabric quality.

PDF | 0.17 MB

Technology and Development center

Brochure technology and development center (TEZ)

PDF | 1.24 MB


Innovations at Groz-Beckert

Video | 02:17

CPC Punching Tools

PDF | 0.25 MB

Loop Control®

The innovative needle geometry for perfect loops

PDF | 0.19 MB

Jet strips

Products and services for hydroentanglement

PDF | 1.03 MB